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Revised July, 2012


The name of this organization shall be PHILADELPHIA BEHAVIOR THERAPY ASSOCIATION, also referred to hereinbelow as PBTA.

ARTICLE ІІ - Purposes

PBTA is a professional, interdisciplinary organization. It is primarily an interest group that promotes the practice of scientifically-based psychotherapy in the Philadelphia region, and has a tradition of providing education, promoting dissemination and facilitating networking among the local Cognitive Behavior Therapy-oriented community.

ARTICLE ІІІ - Membership

Membership in PBTA is open to those individuals with an interest in behavior therapy in disciplines such as: psychology; psychiatry; social work; counseling; marriage and family therapy; medicine; nursing; dentistry; rehabilitation; education; and law.

Members are defined as dues-paying members. Any member may be suspended for a period or expelled from the organization for cause including but not limited to suspension or expulsion from a professional association, suspension of a professional license, or conviction of a felony. A member may also be suspended for nonpayment of dues for a period of one year.

ARTICLE ІV - Meetings

1. Meetings are defined as gatherings, and include, but are not limited to, talks, symposiums, workshops.

2. A regular meeting of members of the organization shall be held during the fall, winter, and spring or each year for the principle purpose of exchanging information and communication among the members. The Secretary or Treasurer, or someone else designated by these officers, shall cause every member in good standing to be provided with written notice at least two weeks in advance of the meeting, setting forth the time and place of the meeting.

3. Special meetings may be called by the President of the organization.

ARTICLE V - Voting

Voting, at all meetings, shall be by a show of hands, except for election of officers/committee members and for changes in the bylaws. Voting for elected officers/committee members shall occur during the spring of each election year. Nominations will be obtained by written communication from either the general membership or Board Members. Individuals with the most nominating votes will be placed on the final ballot. Board Members will thus be appointed through the election or by appointment from the current Board Members. Elections and/or appointments will be carried out during the spring meeting, at which time officers will be installed.

ARTICLE VІ - Publications

PBTA may engage in the publication of newsletters and similar matter related to its purpose.

ARTICLE VIІ - Parliamentary Procedure

Unless otherwise stated in these bylaws, all meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rule of Order.

ARTICLE VIIІ - The Board of Directors

1. Members of the Board: The governing body of PBTA shall be the Board Members, herein called the Board. It is comprised as follows:

2. Term of Office: The term of office as a member of the Board will be one year commencing July 1 of each election year.

3. Vacancies: The Board may fill any vacancy by electing a member of the PBTA to complete the unexpired term.

4. Qualifications for Office: Any member of the PBTA in good standing shall be eligible for nomination and election to the Board. 

5. Duties of Board Members: The duties of all Board members will be as hereinbelow specified or otherwise as provided by the bylaws.

5.1. President: The President presides at the scheduled meetings of the Board, meetings of the PBTA, and any special meetings that may be called. The President shall prepare the agendas for said meetings. The President shall be responsible in all matters, stated or implied, that are related to the welfare, stature, and proper operation of the PBTA. The President shall perform other duties as are necessarily incident to the office of President or as may be prescribed by the Board.

5.2. Past-President: In the President’s absence at any meeting, the Past-President shall preside. In case of absence, disability or resignation of the President, the Past-President shall perform the duties of the President.

5.3. Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt, custody, and disbursement of all funds and securities of the PBTA. The Treasurer shall make a written and oral report of the financial condition of the PBTA to the Board at each meeting, with a minimum of reports occurring on a quarterly basis.

5.4. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings. The minutes of each meeting must be disseminated to the Board Members within one month thereafter.

5.5. Members-at-Large: At least two Members-at-Large will be filled by nomination and election, or by appointment. The Board may appoint additional Members-at-Large as it deems necessary to carry out the functions of the PBTA.

6. Quorum of the Board: The majority of the members of the Board will constitute a quorum. A Board Member who is unable to attend the meeting may vote on any issue presented to the meetings by notifying the President prior to the meeting.

7. Action between meetings: Action taken with the consent of the Board Members shall constitute a valid action of the Board and shall be reported at the regular meeting of the Board.

8. Meetings of the Board: Meetings of the Board shall be held no less than one time during each administrative year at such time and at such place that the Board may prescribe. The President may invite other persons to attend any Board meeting ex officio.

9. Removal of Board Members: A Board member may be removed from office by quorum vote for lack of participation in PBTA activities, or any action the Board deems to be deleterious to the smooth functioning of PBTA.

ARTICLE ІX - Compensation

No Member of the Board shall receive compensation for services rendered in that capacity.

ARTICLE X - Committees

Committees, to be chaired by Members of the Board, may be formed as determined by the Board and the membership. These committees may include but are not limited to the following: Continuing Education Affairs; Membership Affairs; Convention Affairs; Professional Affairs; Publications; Publicity Chair; and Public Education and Media.


The membership year commences January 1st of each year, at which time all members will be charged annual membership dues. The amount of these dues will be determined by the Members of the Board.

ARTICLE XIІ - Amendments

Periodically the Members of the Board shall review the bylaws and recommend changes to the membership. Any full member of the PBTA may recommend bylaws changes to the Members of the Board. The Board shall give advance notice of plans to vote on bylaws amendment at the next membership meeting. These bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of eligible members attending that meeting.

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